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PRNewser hosted a cocktail party this evening at Side Bar in Manhattan’s Union Square neighborhood.  Held in the sports bar’s back room, there were drink specials and much to my surprise, there was food.  (Yes, you read that right.  Not only that, it wasn’t bad.)  After enjoying the drink specials and chips, we were later treated to a ginormous plate of chicken fingers and another plate full of french fries.

Joining me for this exercise in “flack-working” were our hosts Joe Ciarallo and Jason Chupick, R2 Multimedia's Roger Resnicoff, Agent16's Jenean Chapman, AMP3PR's Alyson Campbell, Wegener Edstrom's Jeremy Bridgman, Sternberg Strategic Communications Josh Sternberg, Greentarget's Andrew Graham, publicist Tiffany Winbush, Lippin Group's Matt Biscuiti (who arrived late), Seismk's Lane Buschel (who kindly reminded me that I should include him via e-mail), public-relations consultant Cindy E. Folson, Kaplow Communications’ Chaim Haas, M. Booth & Associates’ Alyssa Galella, Karen Ram, and many more (If I forgot you, please feel free to e-mail me to let me know.)

[Editor’s Note: HUGE's Audrey Boguchwal stopped by to say hello, but she was there to meet me for dinner, not the party.]

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